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This page tells you what am I focused on at this point in my life. Why a now page? Visit nownownow.com for more information and inspiration.


  • Spending time with family and friends in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Preparing the babyroom in our van. (Hint: it’s the same room as the kitchen, livingroom, master bedroom and bathroom but with more tiny cute stuff.)
  • Experimenting with my new camera. I bought a Sony a5100. I got some cheap second hand vintage lenses with a lot of character and now I’m working on my manual focus skills.
  • Helping my mother in law with her (vegetable) garden. I made a design inspired by the principles of permaculture and now we’ll start implementing it.


  • Voice Over projects. I recently finished an audiotour for the tourist busses in St. Petersburg and an audiomanual for hearing aids (I hope they will also provide their clients with a quick start guide on paper). I also recorded a Lion Kings song with adapted lyrics for someone who wanted to use it to ask his girlfriend to marry him.
  • Translating work. Biggest project: translating hymns from English to Dutch and adapting the Dutch lyrics to the music.
  • Music. I am planning to record some more music videos the coming month.

Last update: April 26th 2019

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