After 3 months of waiting/practising for me, and 27 years of waiting and 3 months of practising for Anne, we can finally say there is a baby on the way!

We named the tiny traveller in Annes ever expanding belly “Aapie”. Dutch for “little monkey”.

The 23rd of September we expect him/her to show his/her head. Anne hopes the baby’s head will take after her own, because mine is too big. I think I understand.

Until Aapie is born we’ll be in and close to Netherlands. From the 2nd of July we’ll be staying at Anne’s parents. If the pregnancy goes as planned Anne will give birth at the house of her parents.

After Aapie is born and Aapie and Anne have rested up a bit, the plan is to continue travelling in our van. This time with an extra explorer on board.

Travel with us!

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