The album that grows


About the album

This project is about pushing myself to my limits and finding my musical essence while doing so. That’s why almost everything you’ll hear on Growth was written, played, sang and produced by me.

(Personal) growth plays an important role in my life. Hence the title of the album. I decided to really commit to this theme by letting the album grow with me. Whenever I finish recording a new song I will add it to the album. As long as I feel this project helps me grow I will make the album grow. 

With the purchase of the album come free lifelong updates for all future tracks I will release on it. The price: whatever you want to give for it.   

Why pay what you want?

I want my music to be as free as possible. I believe it’s more rewarding for me and for my audience to support on a voluntary basis. I don’t want (a lack of) money to prevent anyone from listening to my music.

 If you can’t spare the money: just download it for free. I’d rather you listen to my music than not 🙂

 If you do have some money to spare you can help me make this project into a sustainable one. By paying a little more you’re covering for people who can’t.

 In both cases: thank you for listening to my music!

Physical album

I also released my album on usb-stick (as seen dangling from the album art on this page). This is not for sale online. I only sell them in person after gigs. 


If you’d like to make donation in exchange for downloading my album you can use the donation button below (paypal & creditcard) or make a direct wire transfer to:

NL49 INGB 0703 1274 03, B E Smeenk. Please mention “Growth album donation”.

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