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Together with my wife Anne I travelled Europe for 3 years. Now we have a daughter, Lune, and we’re slowing down a tiny bit. We are exploring a different way to live, with more time for eachother, to grow and to actually live. So far the experiment is a great succes. And our next adventure will be to build a tiny house! Welcome aboard!


I write and perform my own music. Together with my wife, Anne Reesink, I play the livingrooms and streets of Europe.

Voice Actor

I lend my voice to developers of e-learning courses, audiobooks, videogames, animation movies and commercials. My van is a mobile recording studio.


I live and travel in a DIY campervan called Guus. My wife, Anne Reesink, and me have been on the road since August 2016.

Latest Blog Posts

Busking in the Hospital

Busking in the Hospital

Yesterday we went to the Hospital in Winterswijk. This time not for the baby, but to play music for the people there. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to distract people and hopefully relieve some pain. The organisation that organises these...

Baby on the Way!

Baby on the Way!

After 3 months of waiting/practising for me, and 27 years of waiting and 3 months of practising for Anne, we can finally say there is a baby on the way! We named the tiny traveller in Annes ever expanding belly "Aapie". Dutch for "little monkey". The 23rd of September...

Music Video: I Knew I Would See You Again

Music Video: I Knew I Would See You Again

We recorded this music video near Aljezur in Portugal.

The lyrics are inspired by the story of Demeter and Persephone. A Greek goddess and her daughter who got kidnapped by Hades, the God of the underworld.

Campervan Conversion

Campervan Conversion

This is the story of our DIY campervan conversion. In January of 2017 we bought our van, Guus. Back then, it was a dark blue commercial vehicle with storage racks in the back, no insulation and quite some body damage. The conversion took us three months. I tend to...

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